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Safeguarding Your Coastal Home & Property

At Progressive Construction, we specialize in lifting and elevating homes and buildings to safeguard them against flooding and foundational issues. Our expert team, skilled in handling various foundation types, ensures that your property is securely and stably elevated to meet or exceed government flood hazard requirements. This not only enhances the safety and longevity of your structure but also qualifies it for reduced flood insurance rates. From house lifting to comprehensive leveling and foundation repair, Progressive Construction delivers reliable, engineered solutions tailored to your needs. Our certified professionals are equipped to install helical piles and provide extensive general contracting services, ensuring your project is completed with precision and care. Discover how our commitment to quality and safety can protect and enhance your home or building.

Structural Elevation

Structural Lifting is a process that can be used to reduce the risk of flooding by raising an existing home or building above the base flood elevation. The team at Progressive Construction is experienced in lifting all foundation types and layouts. Upon completion of an elevation project, the home is secured and stabilized upon its newly constructed foundation system designed by structural engineers. Homes and buildings which are elevated above the government-mandated height requirement for flood hazard typically qualify for a reduced annual flood insurance rate.

In Nassau County, house lifting is performed by C & C Contracting Corp.

Leveling & Foundation Repair

Over the lifetime of a home, its foundation can slowly begin to fail and cause noticeable damage to all other components of the structure. As a solution to structural undermining, Progressive Construction can shore, repair, and level any or all of a home’s foundation, whether slab, pier, and beam or mixed. The foundation repair team of Progressive Construction possesses experience in shoring homes in many different regions and environments and can ensure a lasting solution to the structural integrity of your home.

Helical Pile Installation

Progressive Construction is the premier solution provider for structural support for residential, commercial and municipal construction. We are certified and highly qualified helical pile installers. We dedicate our crew’s education and training to create a sound and secure foundation for all new and existing construction.

  • Certified in Helical Pile Installation, Underpinning, Tension Anchors, Slab Support & Boardwalk Systems
  • Licensed and Insured
  • Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Government
  • Experienced crew

General Contracting

Progressive Construction can handle all phases of your construction project including but not limited to

  • Sewer Work
  • Concrete
  • Drainage
  • Rigging


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Flood Mitigation

Certified in Helical Pile Installation, Underpinning, Tension Anchors, Slab Support & Boardwalk Systems

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